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Welcome to Edsby!

Last fall, Good Spirit School Division began using Edsby as a tool for teachers to create and manage assessments, and generate report cards. This year, we are continuing to expand our use of Edsby and will be extending an invite to parents/guardians at your school. Although teachers' use of Edsby will vary, all parents will have access to school news, school calendar and other classroom-related information. Edsby will give parents of grades 10 -12 students the opportunity to see their child's progress throughout the year. For each child – even if they go to different schools – you will see their teachers and classes.

There are many features in Edsby that will be rolled out over time. The school will keep you up to date with the features they will be using. Once you receive an email invite, please follow the instructions to create an account.  Contact the school if you have any issues creating an account.

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