Dr. Brass Nutrition Program

Breakfast Program

​Breakfast for Learning takes place every school day morning from 8:25-8:50. 

We thank our major sponsors Presidents Choice Breakfast for Learning Grant and Yorkton Sunrise Lion’s for their generous donations. 

Soup Haven Lunch

​Soup Haven food security donates lunches from their food bank collection for students that need a daily lunch. We thank them for their amazing work to ensure no student goes hungry in the community of Yorkton. 

Lunch Program

Dr. Brass School is proud to be able to provide hot lunch to all students each and every day. We offer a variety of menu items that rotate throughout the month and are posted each month in our newsletter, on Facebook, and shared on our announcements that are sent out every day.

Our Nutrition Program is open to all students and is run on a donation basis. Each month, a donation form is sent home to families and families are able to determine how much they are able to send for their child to have lunch.

We are fortunate to have some community sponsors that help us subsidize our lunch program.

The average cost of a meal for students is approximately $3. We will no longer be collecting money each day. Rather, we ask that you send a monthly donation towards our nutrition program to keep it sustained throughout the year. We ask you to consider how often you think your child will utilize the program and the average cost of a meal. We welcome donations of any amount.   

Nutrition Letter:  Nutrition Info Letter Oct 25

November 2022 Lunch Menu:  November 2022