Dr. Brass Nutrition Program

Breakfast Program

All students are welcome and encouraged to come to the Bears Den daily anytime between 8:30-8:55 to enjoy a sit down, school supplied breakfast.  Staff will sit and eat with them and start the day together.  Students are limited to one serving per person.  This is a great way to start our day with a positive outlook and enhance our Mental Well-being. 

Soup Haven Lunch

The Soup Haven and Harvest Meats provide bagged lunch supplies for students who need a lunch. Students need to opt into this program to ensure that adequate supplies are on hand. If you would like to opt into this program, please fill out the following forms and return to your teacher.

Thank you Soup Haven and Harvest Meats for supporting our students nutritional needs. 

Lunch Program

Dr. Brass School is proud to be able to provide hot lunch to all students each and every day. We offer a variety of menu items that rotate throughout the month and are posted each month in our newsletter, on Facebook, and shared on our announcements that are sent out every day.

Meals can still be bought in bulk per month or on a day to day basis. Meals are $3 for students in grades K-4 and $5 for students in grades 5-8.

There will be opportunity for a limited number of donated hot lunches for those that need one.  Please see the school office for further details.


September-December Menu

September 2023 Nutrition Letter